Mine Grid

Mine Grid:high strength,fire resistant,flame retardant,low elongation,flexibility,lightweight,safe and easy to use mine roadway.
Mine Grid 600kN/m for longwall recovery roof support system,have Russia,USA,CE certificate.
Mine Grid Basic Info:
Mine Grid are manufactured from creep resistant, high-tenacity polyester yarns which are covered with white or black polymeric coating,providing high tensile strength with low creep characteristics.Mine Grid® is manufactured in a wide range of standard tensile strengths of between 20 kN/m and 800 kN/m. Ultimate strengths over 1000 kN/m can be supplied for special applications. Mine Grid® geogrid rolls are normally supplied in widths of 3.00 and 5.10 m and roll lengths of 100-300 m so that overlapping can be reduced and material waste kept to a minimum.


Mine Grid Feature:
    1. High tensile strength at low elongation
    2. Low tendency to creep
    3. Optimized grid structure
    4. Excellent pull-out and interface friction behavior
    5. Superior connection capacity with modular blocks
    6. Long durable years
    7. High corrosion resistance
    8. High flame retardancy,Fire prevention
    9. High static conductive property
   10. Easy in transport and installation
Mine Grid Specifications:

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