aluminum plate

Specifications The avantage of CTP plates :
1) Environment-friendly design
2) Exact dot reproduction
3)Outstanding Compatibility

Aluminum offset thermal ctp plates takes use of the high-quality aluminum plate with complex grain construction and dense oxidized layer as its substrate which was processed with a special method . It has the follows advantage:

Environment-friendly design

 The sensitive layer of Bocica thermal CTP plate is a unique formulation structure and it makes the dot edge which is formed with laser scanning more sharp and suitable for high-end commercial color printing. Compared with the tconventional plates, it reduces the possible pollution to environment and has no harm to operators.

Exact dot reproduction

Unique complex grain construction ensures the adhesion of the thermal coating to the aluminum plates, which not only increase the impression run of plates, but also makes the exact dot reproduction to guarantee high quality printing and greatly reduce the costs.


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